Peace and Protection are the Inspiration for the Mushmina 2013 Holiday Collection

Khamsa Jewelry
The Khamsa, a hand shaped amulet is a symbol of peace and protection in many cultures including Islam and Judaism. The word Khamsa means five in Arabic, for the five fingers on the hand of Muhammad’s daughter Fatima Zahra. Colorful, wooden Khamissa (plural) are often seen hanging next to the front door of a Moroccan home to ward off evil and bring ‘baraka’ and good energy to the home. Inspired by this ancient and universal representation of peace we designed our Holiday 2013 handcrafted jewelry around this symbol and you will find silver, wood, enameled, and vintage khamsa necklaces online and in our shops this season.

Khamsa Necklaces from $55-$210











Casablanca Clutch Poppy
The Casablanca Clutch is a signature piece of the Holiday 2013 Collection. It is a Jaquard fabric clutch with a leather handle and our signature custom silver Damascus hardware. This bag is stylish by day or by night. Limited edition fabrics change seasonally.

From the Holiday 2013 Collection, Color: Poppy $88
From the Holiday 2013 Collection, Color: Poppy $88












The Leather Messenger
The leather Messenger is a new item for 2013. This variation on the classic messenger bag is made with plush leather, wool-cotton tweed linings, back snap pocket, magnetic closure, and tassel detail. The strap can be worn long for when you have your hands full or doubled. Available in assorted colors.

Handmade with love in Morocco. $240
Handmade with love in Morocco. $240









The Cleo Wood Collection
The Cleo Collection is made with reclaimed olive and walnut wood and was inspired by Berber etching and the henna designs of North Africa. Incorporating mixed metals and hand riveting, this collection is an original design by Mushmina’s creative director, Katie O’Neill. The Cleo Collection was a collaboration with Morocco’s Green Sahara Furniture, a sustainable company that produces collections using reclaimed wood from Morocco.

Earrings and necklaces from $50-$210
Earrings and necklaces from $50-$210












Grand Central Holiday Fair
Where: NYC’s Grand Central Terminal, Vanderbilt Hall. 42nd Street and Park Ave.
When: Nov 18-Dec 24th.  Daily 10am-8pm, 11am-7pm Sundays.

Mushmina Flagship Store
1540 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Tel: 215-732-5500

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