Laugh, dance, and give more then you receive.

What Moroccans have taught me above all else is to laugh, to dance, and to give.

Exciting things this week! A  meeting to officiate the cooperative….complete with a 3 course meal, surprise guests, and street drummers. To be continued…..

Today I am grateful.

IMG_3914 (2) IMG_3939 (2) IMG_3993 (2)

























IMG_3981 (2)

2 thoughts on “Laugh, dance, and give more then you receive.

  1. You look happy and full of gratitude,keep up the goodness in your heart. Be proud of the workshop and the women.

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  2. You do look happy, but you always had laughter, an ability to dance and give of yourself freely. Your heart is the best part of you. So proud of the women of Morocco and you. Keep up the positive energy you exude. XO to you all. Jo


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